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Registration Check-In Timing
Participants should check in personally or through mailing to obtain athlete bib, timing chip and jersey prior to the race. No check-in on competition day.
Check-in in person
  1. Location: Kaohsiung National Stadium (No. 100, Shihyun Blvd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City)
  2. Time
    (1) 10th February 2017 (Fri.), from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    (2) 11th February 2017 (Sat.), from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  3. Participants should confirm the code number on official website before check-in. Personal ID is needed for individual check-in while correspondent ID is needed for group check-in. The consignee needs to offer the photocopy of the participant’s ID.
  4. Participants who do not check in within the time above will be disqualified and are not allowed to enter racing courses. Referees have the right to expel participants without athlete bib.
  5. Participants who are unable to check in and take part in the race have to make a call to book the time and place for picking up the race package in 1 week after the competition. There will be office in Taipei and Kaohsiung respectively to provide the service, and relating information will be announced in advance. These participants may take their packages at the office 2 weeks after the competition.
Check-in through mailing
  1. Participants who are unable to check in personally during the above time can choose to check in by post (please pick the corresponding option at registration). Packages will be sent between 1st February and 4th February, and the service is provided only within Taiwan. If the package does not arrive after 7th February, please make a phone call to +886-2-87860859 (ext. 888 or 226) to check.
  2. Packages will be sent to the address according to registration. Please make sure to provide the correct address and do not use Post Office box in order to avoid wrong delivery.
  3. If the package fails to be delivered due to incorrect address or no recipient, the participant will be disqualified and the package will not be resent. In this situation, participant can refer to the case that is unable to check in and obtain the package after then.
  4. The fee for check-in by post should be paid along with registration fee. The fee is NT$ 120 per person for 1-4 people, NT$ 600 for 5-20 people, NT$ 1,200 for 21-50 people, and NT$ 1,800 for 51-100 people (the fee already include administration costs) .
  5. Receiving race package means check-in completion. Just present at the gathering location on the competition day on time then.