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Prize and Award
  • Prize and Award
    Based on Tax Law, if the prize money is above NT$19,999, 10% of the prize money will be taxed for winners who are citizens of Taiwan and 20% for winners who are non-citizens of Taiwan. (Please submit the photocopy of ID or passport.)
    Half Marathon
    1. Award for each group (Marathon and Half Marathon group ranking qualification)
      1. Participant whose record is qualified for the top 10 will not be participating in group ranking.
      2. Top 3 finishers will be awarded for 0-50 participants; top 4 finishers will be awarded for 51-100 participants; top 6 finishers will be awarded for 101-200 participants; and top 8 finishers will be awarded for more than 200 participants. Qualified winners in each group will be awarded with prizes and medals.
      3. In order to encourage senior participants, top 10 finishers of Male A (males over 70 years old) and Female A (females over 60 years old) in both Marathon and Half Mara thon will be awarded with prizes and medals.
    2. Awarding
      1. Top 10 finishers of Marathon and Half Marathon should report to the podium at the awarding area according to the time and order informed when receiving finishing certificate.
      2. If the actual recipient is unable to pick up the prize, the consignee should go to the Prize Division to claim the prize with document of attorney and ID.
      3. Awards for each group will be given at Lane C.
      4. All qualified winners shall claim and pick up their prizes prior to the closing time of 1:00 p.m. on the competition day or else will be regarded as forfeited. ID is needed for identification.
      5. Document of attorney and ID should be prepared in advance in case of unexpected incidents.
    3. Participants who completed Marathon and Half Marathon within the time limit have to bring the timing chip to claim the finishing certificate at Certificate Collection Site before 1:30 p.m. on the competition day. No reissued will be made after the competition.