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Registration Check-In Timing
    Directors | Ministry of Education Sports Administration, ChineseTaipei Athletics Association, Kaohsiung City Government
    Organizer | Kaohsiung City Government Education Bureau
    Title sponsor | MIZUNO (Taiwan) Corporation
    Crganizer | Department of Sports, Kaohsiung City
    Co-organizers | Kaohsiung Municipal Athletics Federation, Affiliated institutions and schools of Kaohsiung City Government
    Executor | Forebest Integrated Marketing Communications Co., Ltd.
    Other sponsors | (to be updated)
    Date | 12th February 2017 (Sun.) starts from 6:20 a.m. (GMT+8)
    Starting/ Ending place | Kaohsiung National Stadium
    Violations and Penalties
    Participants who do the following actions will be disqualified.
    1. Illegally receiving drinks or food from others.
    2. Not following the instructions from the referees.
    3. Not wearing athlete bib in the front of the chest area.
    4. Benefiting from others’ assistance during the race (vehicles, shouldering, etc.).
    5. Bring pets to the race course (unless for Fun Run).
    6. Using false ID information during registration.
    7. Violating sportsmanship (causing disturbance or insulting staffs, etc.)
    8. Using substitution to attend the competition.
    1. Competition disputes: It is not allowed to question referees during the competition. Referees have the right to paraphrase related rules, and participants have to comply with the verdict of referees.
    2. Dispute resolution: Disputes and appeals must be made to the organizer within 30 minutes after the official release of records. The deposit of NT$ 3,000 must be submitted, which will be received and signed by the organizer. If the Jury of Appeal concluded that the dispute is not justified, the deposit shall not be returned. The confiscated deposit will be submitted to Kaohsiung City Government within a week after the event.
    1. Storage of personal belongings (Marathon and Half Marathon only)
      Personal belongings must be put into a private bag before storage if needed (organizer is not responsible for the loss of valuables). Personal belongings storage service begins at 4:00 a.m. of 12th February 2017, and should be retrieved with receipt before 1:30 p.m. on the same day.
    2. Safety
      1. The organizer has the right to cancel or postpone the event, or change racing courses for safety concerns (typhoons or other natural disasters). Participants shall not protest against such decisions. Participants will get 50% of refund if the event is eventually canceled.
      2. Referees, medics, or safety control officers have the right to suspend or disqualify any par ticipant depending on one’s physical conditions or road safety. Participants shall not pre test against such decisions.
      3. Participants who do not get to the control gate or finish the race within time limit will be required to take a shuttle bus back to the finish line.
      4. Be aware of the traffic and passengers during the race for safety concerns.
    3. Participants shall carry ID information for identification.
    4. Participants should pay attention to own health condition while attending the event. Do not manage to join or continue if there are concerns or risks such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Otherwise, the organizer will not be responsible for those who conceal their health conditions.
    5. Athlete bib and chip should be kept carefully after check-in. There will be no re-issuing. Participants with no athlete bib are considered disqualified, and those with no chip will not have record.
    6. The organizer has the right to broadcast or publish the videos, photos, and records of this event on related websites and journals worldwide for promotion and publication.
    7. For environmental protection, the name list of all participants will not be included in the competition manual. Please refer to the registration website.
    8. Personal refreshments should be sent to certain counter (at South Gate 3 of National Stadium) by 5:30 a.m. on competition day. Athlete bib number and desired mileage should be noted clearly.
    9. Refreshment stations
      The first table is for personal refreshments, and the other tables for other supplies including water. For safety and environment-friendly concern, trash should be discarded in trash cans in each station.
    All participants are provided with NT$ 3,000,000 public incident insurance. (All details will be according to the insurance contract of the insurance company.)
    1. Public incident insurance coverage
      When the insured is legally liable to provide indemnification for third-party bodily injury, death, or third-party property damage caused by any of the following accidents during the insured period and in connection therewith receives a claim, the insurance company is liable to the insured for indemnification:
      1. An accident that occurs on-site at the premises specified in this insurance policy due to an action taken by the insured or an employee to operate the business.
      2. An accident that occurs with respect to a building, pathway, piece of machinery, or other work object at the premises of the insured.
    2. Exclusions
      1. Personal illnesses that cause injuries.
      2. Symptoms as a result of personal health or cardiovascular diseases, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, altitude sickness, epilepsy, or dehydration, etc. emergency medical care will be provided on the day of the competition. Diseases caused by personal illnesses will not be insured, and only injuries caused by accident are liable for public accident insurance compensation.
    3. Participants who have certain ailments or have history of diseases listed above should pay extra attention to health condition and safety. Additional personal accident/medical insurance is advised. No health assessment will be made by the organizer before the competition. Participants need to take full responsibility for the risks.
    In no event is the event advisor, host, or organizer liable to participants whether for injuries, loss, or death.
    By registering this event, participants concur with all rules and regulations stated above.
    The organizer reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations.